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Return of goods

It is possible to return a product of proper quality or exchange it for another if the following conditions are met (Law of Ukraine on Consumer Protection, Section 2, Article 9):  

  • it is absent in the list of goods that are not subject to exchange and return (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 1994 № 172); 

  • if the specified product was not used, its product type, packaging, consumer properties, seals, factory labels are preserved; 

  • less than 14 days have passed since the purchase of the goods. 

  • If at the time of exchange there is no similar product, you can buy any other products from the available range with the appropriate transfer of value, or get money in the amount of the value of the returned product. 

Return procedure: 

  • call and announce your intention to return the purchased product; 

  • or Write to us in Viber, Telergam, WhatsApp on mobile phone number. +380973605425

  • send the goods to us by the carrier at the address indicated by us, having paid for its services; 

  • inform № the declaration of the sent parcel and № the bank card (another option) for the return of the value of the goods; 

  • Upon receipt, verification of the contents of the parcel and the proper quality of the goods, we will refund you as agreed.

⚠ Attention! 

When returning or exchanging goods, all costs associated with the shipment of goods (carrier services) and sending money (all banking transactions) are borne by the buyer. 

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